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purple clover, Queen Anne's lace, crimson hair across your face

Home! For the first time in an entire week! Days like this, I just want to hug the house (even though I can't reach).

I haven't been posting very much because I lack Internet access in the evenings. Yes, I could take the laptop home and write entries for later posting. But although I'm still generating thoughts that I might, if it were easier, inflict upon you all, working this hard means that going home and typing more just isn't the haven it was previously. Besides, just think of some of the godawful peorations I've saved you from.

Made chili tonight, which got reduced rather more than usual, which means it's even spicier than usual. Mmm. Also sauteed spinach with garlic, nutmeg, and olive oil (mmm again, and I even forgot the pepper, oops). Have strawberries and some tasty genuine balsamic vinegar for later, if I manage to escape from the keyboard before bedtime. (I have some updated thoughts on my diet, which will probably end up as a separate entry, possibly to dietfolks.)

LJ is stepping on its own entrails again tonight. I'm apparently not allowed to look at more than the first 30 entries on my friends page. Pity my friends are so prolific. :-)

I was in dire need of a junk fiction break last night, so I picked up a copy of Bridget Jones' Diary at Book Buyers. Yep, junk fiction. The style is engaging (and I have a distinct weakness for British slang, yes), but the overarching theme of "women in their thirties desperate to get married" grates more than a bit. So, you'll doubtless continue to find me writing here in my own style instead of someone else's. Suffer gracefully, please.

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