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I had a reasonably productive day at work today. I had lunch with elflet, touched base with yohannon, giggled with co-workers. I get to go home tonight, I have money in the bank, the cat boxes are not yet due to be cleaned, I get to see Boiled in Lead play on the 17th. I mailed in my absentee ballot weeks ago.

So why am I in such a godawfully pissy mood? Right now I'm choosing to blame it on carb cravings due to wilfully exploding my diet on Sunday night. Which means that the best thing to do is to keep my head down and avoid being actively snarly to anyone I love, and continue eating reasonably. And things will revert to mostly normal in another day or two.

*twitch* *twitch*

Hey, it could always be PMS.


Would someone please remove the cheesecake and doughnuts from the break room before I completely lose it, here?


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