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It's a pretty good day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow

Mom, everyone else has a zillion user pictures. Why don't I?

Well, I do now. Read 'em and weep. :-)

Doing that little bit of scanning and Photoshop tweaking was profoundly satisfying, albeit in a rather childish fashion. (It was a useful counterpoint to doing the bills, and discovering I've run out of money, with more than a week until the next check is due, and a truly alarming pile of bills awaiting their turns.)

Oh, very yummy news: I may acquire a housemate. Having a little income towards the mortgage won't hurt, but having someone willing to barter household labor (can you say "litter boxes"? I knew ya could) towards same will be truly delightful. And I've never really liked living alone. She'll come over Saturday and we'll see what's what.

Waking up at home has remarkable restorative powers. I should really make more of a habit of it.

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