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Hard to tell what you need if you don't know what you have. It can be fun to rediscover what you've forgotten you own. And my horse stuff simply isn't organized, so this was a good excuse to pull it together and figure out where it needs to go. (Actually, I know where I want to keep it -- in the utility room where the washer and dryer are. I just need a saddle rack and some hooks in there.)

Onward. In a box in the corner of the dining room -- my dressage saddle (bought used, but I don't think I've ever used it myself) with stirrups and leathers (those I've used -- the saddle I had then went with Paloma, but that is another story.) Dusty, but blessedly the leather has forgiven me its neglect -- it's not cracked. A Troxel sport helmet; the sweat band is detaching a bit from the inside, but the important bits are all there. A 5" D-ring snaffle with a sweet iron mouth. I think I bought that for Paloma, too.

In the storage closet -- a 22" dressage girth, leather. Leather?! What in the name of all the sweet gods was I thinking? Unused, of course. Dusty. And a hay bag, which should really migrate to the trailer it was intended for.

Outside, the really neglected bits and pieces. A nice wool Western saddle blanket, and a couple of fleece English pads, which at least are up on the table and safe from being rained on in the rainy season. A nice flat-sided blue bucket, containing an ungodly miscellany of bits and pieces. A 4.5" D-ring snaffle with a thick hard-plastic mouthpiece. Useless on Arabs with small mouths. A harsh bosal, and the nosepiece of a mechanical hackamore - useless, ditto. A cheap blue nylon bridle (with a 5" D-ring snaffle in it), which I'd forgotten I owned! Find! A humane twitch (ditto on the "forgotten"). Grain scoop, bath sponge, small container of shampoo. Much of this was given to me by a friend who was going out of horses.

And not to neglect yesterday's clean-out of the two grooming totes -- enough brushes for 2 horses each to have their own set, plus 3 extra soft brushes, plus hoofpicks, a spare lead rope, a weight tape, and all the usual mane combs and such, plus fly spray, coat shine spray, mane detangler and lanolin ointment for scrapes.

And the stuff which I know right where it is and doesn't need to move: 2 horses, with halters and leads, munching on a pile of hay; a truck and a trailer (I really like my truck), riding boots which I dislike mostly because they have to be worn with heavy hot socks. And years of good experiences and time spent learning on and around and about horses, which is something that won't leave me, short of catastrophic failure of the nervous system.

Not much in the tangible sense, but riches indeed.

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