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Warning: good music can be hazardous to your health

So it was too quiet in the house, and a perusal of the CD shelf turned up Last Splash, an album I've always loved. So I crank it up, and waiting for something to come out of the microwave, start bopping around the kitchen. Hey, it's a warmup for seeing Boiled in Lead in a week.

Or, it would be, except I succeeded in doing something vile to my back. It doesn't hurt, except when I sit. Or walk. Or stand. :-P

I didn't succeed in doing much else today, except for cooking. I did meet the potential housemate, and liked her, but I think she'd rather be living in town, nearer her boyfriend (who came with her, and is the sort of roly-poly cutie that makes me want to pinch his cheeks. Yes, I refrained. I may be that kind of girl, but I'm not that kind of grandmother.) She has a line on a studio there, but isn't sure she'll get it. I'll hear on Tuesday at the latest. *shrug* It would be nice to have a housemate, but my feral little world isn't going to collapse if she finds something else.

*mutter* Must do the cattery tomorrow. Also made a quick pass at the money in/out scenario for the rest of March, and it looks like I can survive (that should be read, 'spend less than I earn while putting away the necessary amount for taxes') if I stick to taking the train to work, and don't eat out at all. And don't get whimsical at the grocery store. Of course, a commuter lifestyle isn't very conducive to packed lunches, but at this point it's getting past optional and into mandatory.

I think the worst part of the money problems is that I become *so* prone to hitting myself with the "should" stick -- a vice to which I'm normally immune. But I'm too sleepy to develop that thought further, so I'll leave it hanging right there and go to bed. I'm sure it'll be there in the morning, like all the rest of the cruft around here.

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