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stealing shamelessly from diony

"Life otherwise is complex and entertaining and difficult and challenging and fun and by all means not boring. But that doesn't leave a lot of time to write about it all."

Well, having started, I will continue. But not for long, as a grocery store run awaits.

Yet another 'I win!' moment today, as I opened the envelope from my mortgage company containing their acknowledgement that my house's appraisal was high enough that my PMI can be cancelled. If you're not deeply into houseownerspeak, fear not: what that means is that my mortgage payment is now $60/month less. Which might not sound like much, but Goddess! to have just one bill in my life shrinking instead of growing...!

elflet and I went to Minneapolis and came back, and the city is still standing. ;-) We did more damage at Dreamhaven in a half-hour than I readily want to contemplate, adventured at Byerly's, drove through Como Park, did magic, and succeeded in not getting snowed on. We had a wonderful time.

But the upcoming weekend is yet another all-away-from-home-all-the-time extravaganza, so I flee. (Or I won't have any clean clothes.)

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