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sitting so pretty with a criminal grace

Longtime readers may recall when I was going nuts over buying Capucine.

Now I seem to have embarked upon the process of buying (say it with me, "sight unseen") a 21-year-old stallion who has been bred exactly once and is trained to do nothing more significant than ornament a pasture. Oh, and he's in Wisconsin, where he arrived when he was 2, and has never been on a trailer since.

It's insane, I know. I called Jennifer up just so someone would tell me I was insane. But when I see an opportunity, and a way I just might make it happen, I can't turn my back on it. (Remember that Capucine is one of four living Davenport mares in the world tracing to *Farha? Palisades CF is one of three Davenport stallions tracing etc. Same deal.)

This is not anything like signed and sealed (never mind delivered -- hell, they don't even know how much they want for him yet), so stay tuned for the coming saga, yet to be written.

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