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"Everything, all at once"

"Everything, all at once!" -- something Erik proclaims in mildly frustrated tones when life tries to dog-pile upon his head. Today was like that. My coaching call with Molly started out horse-giddy, then took an abrupt left turn when I observed that the cats used to make me that happy, but they don't any more. (Insert self-guided guilt trip here.) Anyway, my outcome for that is that Torch, Dannie and Angel all have a vet appointment for next Wednesday. Yes, I'm finally going to spay the last of the line. I've only been procrastinating on it for more than two years, it's About Fucking Time.

Anyway, blew out after that to my farrier's place up in the hills. I now have a second client! Yay! And even niftier, we are bartering (my time giving computer assistance for their time giving riding lessons), in pursuit of fixing my issues about actually getting on a horse unassisted. (I used to ride Bombero, bareback, at a flat-out gallop next to a canal, like a frigging movie Indian. I swear I don't know how I got here from there. But the fear is real, and denying that doesn't make it go away.)

Then I flew out of there and back to Stockton in the silly rental car (flying not being too strong a phrase, as I think I did 50 mostly-mountain miles in 40 minutes), and exchanged it for my nicely-maintained truck, and errands and home. And now I am up way too late for someone who must leave the house no later than 4:40am tomorrow.

Another diet milestone this morning. The scale read 276, so I have officially lost 101 lbs.

This week's homework with Molly? I have scheduled six hours on Sunday to Just Lie About And Read. Yeah, impending burnout case, me.

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