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April 22nd, 2002
06:43 pm


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spring fever of the canine/equine kind
Everyone seems to be walking their dogs today. More than a fair share are German Shepherds. All are gorgeous. I caught myself whimpering as one beautifully-built fellow went trotting down the street, watching his people as he went.

I know all the reasons why having a dog right now would be a disaster for me. That doesn't stop me wanting, not in the least.

Speaking of wanting, horse plans progress, and I am flying to St. Louis on Thursday to spend a few days with the Cravers. (Look, a good use for frequent flyer miles at last!) I talked with Erik today, who hasn't been kept up to date on all this stuff about Palisades, and he strongly opined that I should seriously reconsider committing to any more animals than I already have.

I can see his point of view (especially since he's my major creditor by a long way). And so, emotionally, I'm a bit dampened. I'm no less convinced that I'm doing the right thing -- I just have a better view of the depths of the crevasse I'm crossing.

Waiting to hear the Raterings' response to my first draft of the lease/sale agreement. Fingernails shredding hourly.

Current Mood: sobered

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