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My court date got moved from Monday to Wednesday. I survived, and I don't think I said anything detrimental to D's case, or that upset her. Nonetheless, I'd be very happy never to do that again.

Work seems to have two speeds: dead stop or full run. Today was a full run, from the minute I got in (oops! missed the all-hands meeting. Fuck it, I'm a consultant) to the minute I left. Lunch was KFC picked up on the way to the train station and eaten on the train, where I am now writing this post.

Heavy mental resistance to going to Circle last night, but I'm glad I went nonetheless. Was deeply cranky yesterday morning (when work was at a dead stop and I was bored), so I went out to Castro Street and hunted down a copy of Diplomatic Immunity for my very own. Finally! Finished it last night, despite every possible interruption from actual commitments.

Also got a copy of the latest McKillip, Ombria in Shadow, and I think I'll stop blathering here long enough to read it.

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