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I am the puzzle box that incites people to riot

I am looking for a puzzle box. Anyone local know of a good source?

Tired now. Writing on the train, where it is full light at 6:14am. I arguably should be trying to nap instead of write, but it's just too bright.

Came home yesterday from spending the morning with elflet and the early afternoon with Palisades, to find Petit Point standing tied in the neighbor's paddock. On the evidence, she had gone through the !@#$ barbed-wire fence from my pasture to his -- cuts all over her chest, a couple on her stifles, and a nasty one on her nose. Nothing to be done except smear them all with salve and then apply fly spray over that. Ray (the neighbor in question) was really sweet about helping with her. I sit up there on my hill and grind my teeth about some of the things my neighbors do (tearing up my access into my lower barn, for example), but I never speak to them (unless they wave me down when I'm buzzing in/out of the place), and they really are pretty nice. I must remember that.

I hate that damned rusty barbed wire, and I want it gone. My tendency to procrastinate on decisions like this (insufficient experience, decision not easily reversed once implemented) has bitten me in the ass again. And it's easy to procrastinate on anything that involves spending a significant chunk of money. I could beat myself up over past decisions, but that's not the least bit useful. The real question is, how to rapidly accumulate the necessary cash while still being able to pay my other bills?

The farrier showed up in the evening, and was kind enough to walk the fence with me, after trimming the horses, and help me fix the break. I do hope this is a one-shot example of equine idiocy on Petit Point's part, on a par with the time she somersaulted over a low spot in the paddock fence and headed for the road at a trot. She never challenged that fence after that, which gives me some hope. Not a lot, but some.

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