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Of late I have been too busy to even read LJ, never mind write to it. But I did catch this entry from diony which made me do a double-take. Why? Well, Wednesday, 12 June, I took advantage of the fact that I was going to Ashland with elflet for days and days, and dropped my truck at the dealer's. The transmission had been acting... weird, and this was my first good long stretch of don't-need-the-truck.

They called me the next day to say the entire transmission needed to be replaced to the tune of $6k if they had to use a new one. After I finished screaming, I inquired mildly why they couldn't rebuild what I had. It boiled down to "we could, but you'll get a better warranty if someone else rebuilds it." A few more phone calls and pointed words, and we compromised on putting in a rebuilt transmission for $3k. (I don't think I'm getting taken; the transmission is a known weak spot on these trucks, and given its primary purpose is to haul my Very Important Horses hither and yon, I'm not inclined to cut corners with it.)

Augh. Anyway, I came back from Ashland and got dropped off at the Great America park-and-ride where I left my Mazda, only to find that some asocial asshole with an IQ not above 90 had broken a window to get in (when I had left the bloody windows cracked) in order to rip off the radio that hasn't worked right since I bought the car (used). And they couldn't even get that right; they also tore up the wiring harness so that the clock and interior lights no longer function. Boy, was I pissed.

Today I am somewhat more chipper, since the truck is fixed way ahead of schedule, which means that I can count on moving horses around this weekend. Palisades is going from the hot spare trainer to the primary trainer. :-)

Julian is going to the same place, but not for the same reason. Karen, his biggest fan besides me, works for the primary trainer, and has talked herself into being able to cope with three horses. (Her mare is delightedly living the life of a broodmare elsewhere, and her gelding is beginning to slow down at 18 or so years of age, and could use a backup.) I will miss his goofy face, but this will make it simpler for me to bring Palisades home, and my life needs all the simplification it can get.

Capucine is home. Three grey horses, all in one pasture! I nearly blew off Emily's party to stand around and admire them some more, but I was good and drove away in time.

Geeze, I haven't even gotten around to mentioning Solstice. Boulder Creek. Sunday. Good.

Work is insane. My budget is out of control. I'm not spending nearly enough time sleeping in my own bed. I'm about to take all of next week off to go to Witchcamp.

Enough babbling.

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