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this is what the devil sells: broken vows and broken spells, voices out of empty wells, dreams you can't remember

Too. Freakin. Tired. 4 AM is too close to now to suit me. Perhaps I'll drive in later in the morning, instead of taking the train.

Perusing the Kaiser Permanente jobs site because of something overheard on the train just boggles my mind with the number of things I am not. (Sterile Site Manager, for example.) Their IT positions are notable for the number of details they do not give about the job.

I love spending time at CW's. I am not yet convinced that I want to spend a significant amount of my life as a professional horse trainer, but sweet Goddess, it beats looking at a computer screen right now.

Speaking of which, a quick spin through mail and LJ has taken two hours so far and I'm not yet done with the list mail. Clearly, I need to unsubscribe from a few more mailing lists.

Little things keep coming in and *ping*ing off my intuitive sense. Dr. Nancy Elliott (a world-renowned vet/chiropractor/acupuncturist) turning up at the barn today. A drive-by marketing incident with a former dot-commer now turned horse masseuse. It's not a picture yet, just pieces taking their places within a big jigsaw puzzle.

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