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Good horse news:

Capucine is pregnant! I saw a skull and cross-sections of legs and the bottoms of hooves and *everything*. <beam>

Petit Point is not pregnant, which means Palisades gets to breed her ASAP. I have a couple of syringes of lutalyse, which will serve to encourage her in this matter, in the fridge waiting for him to come home this weekend. The ever-so-kind vet has volunteered to come over after work hours to help me hand breed the two. (Breeding horses, like moving couches, is hard and tricky work with one person and pretty trivial with two.)

The lady in soCal who owns Alyssum CF has agreed to the idea of a breeding lease. In short, the mare stays on her farm, we breed her to the stallion of my choice (Palisades, duh), I buy the resulting foal. A win-win situation, insomuch as anything in horse breeding can be.

And for dessert, Palisades' younger brother, Black Prince UF, has finally had his papers transferred to his current owner, who is offering him at stud free of charge to Davenport mares. Yay!

Of course, I've got my hands full breeding Palisades to all the Davenport mares I can scare up, so I won't be taking advantage of that soon. But it's a terrific offer. I find myself (it's laughable, really) seriously eyeing the Davenport mares I know of who are for sale in the nearest two time zones. As if I need another horse on the place right now...

The not-so-good horse news: Palisades' owners are not responding to my phone calls. I tossed off an email today, and (just for completeness' sake) a message at his office. I have more hope of him returning my calls, if she's hacked off at me. It'd be so simple to ship semen to soCal, but the paperwork has to be in line first. And Dr. Hilda agrees he's an excellent candidate for freezing semen as well -- but Must Have Permit From Registry FIRST. Arrgh!

The good job news: I actually heard from Google!

The not-so-good job news: it was a hand-typed rejection note (one up from the autoreponder-and-oblivion routine).

I think I'll leave the mood stuff for another posting.

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