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it's a summertime thing

elflet and I spent several hours yesterday working in 100F heat, taking apart the crappy bits of the old fence, and nailing/screwing in insulators for the new one.

I've been at it solo for the last two hours, on the grounds that working at 7:30am when it's cool makes far more sense than working in the heat of the afternoon. Also, I have a deadline -- Palisades needs to come home tomorrow. I think I took this break just in time to stave off blisters, but I won't know for a few hours -- my palms are still sore.

Progress so far: all the insulators are up over the wooden section of fence. I have successfully removed the old automatic waterer (with a hacksaw, and stubbornness. Mostly stubbornness.) The chain link section is almost done, but it will require the most creativity, as my plans assumed all corners were wood posts. I'm going to have to drill into the chain link post, I think, and secure things with cable ties. Whee.

The job of cutting off the old stock fence is only about half done, and I'm worried about getting it done in time. The neighbor has offered to help, but I don't know how serious he is about it. I also need to trench under the two gates so that I can run a cable underneath to create a complete circuit on the fence, and the very idea terrifies me (the ground around here is hard, dry, and rocky), but necessity is a mother, etc.

I did, finally, hear from the Raterings. No, they don't hate me. (Yay.) Becky is (in my interpretation) prepared to be not quite sure about whether Palisades is safe in my hands until about the twelfth of never, and justifies not signing the contract on those grounds. I think I'm going to counter with a co-ownership, because, honestly, I need the horse transferred into my name; it doesn't matter to me if their names stay on the papers, since I do not intend ever to sell the horse anyway. (Who wrote .that. sentence?) I remain frustrated, but at least at the sublight level (as opposed to incandescent).

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