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boring fence to-do list


  1. Haul moldy hay out of enclosure.
  2. Cut ends of cable ties on L post.
  3. Install rope along chain-link section.

  4. Get splitball and xl ring drivers; drive all insulators completely into the posts. Drive splitballs into trees.
  5. Get 6 PI 25 insulators; install on chain link fence post and on corner L post.
  6. Get 1/16" metal drill bit; finish drilling 1/4" holes in chain link fence post; install tape tensioner there.

  7. Tension second run of tape and ropes.
  8. Final walk through with hammer and fence tool, looking for loose nails and poking-out bits of wire.
  9. Final walk through for trash.
  10. Run wire underneath gates; connect hot strands together, earth strands together. Turn the sucker on; test each run of fence.

  11. Go and retrieve Palisades.


  12. Arrange to dispose of all trash, old lumber, etc.
  13. Fix roof on hay storage before rainy season begins.

The drivers and insulators I need are arriving tomorrow via FedEx. I need to pick up a drill bit.

Yet, after all this labor to make this enclosure as safe as humanly possible, I am pretty much guaranteed that Palisades will, within the first fifteen minutes of his residence, find some hazard I haven't even thought of and shred himself on it.

As the joke goes, all horses are suicidal, and the job of the owner is to stop them from doing it.

P.S. for elflet, who is one of the most wonderful people in the world: The charger, once turned on, tests at 6000+ volts on a gloriously overcast day, which is all my cheap little tester will tell me. Good enough!

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