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Like the proverbial gibbering thing.

I caught not one but *two* conflicting appointments today. Left a message to cancel the farrier coming tomorrow, because I thought the first of August was a Tuesday (duh!). Untangling August 11 will be more difficult, but I have left messages.

Payday, and the loan check cleared, so I am greatly relieved, and I have done the semi-monthly grand bill-paying (there's something very satisfying about that.)

What I need to do, that I am resisting, is hitch up the trailer and take it to the trailer maintenance folks. This shouldn't be that terrifying. It's not as if there will be any live horses in the trailer. What's the worst that can happen? Well, I could hitch it wrong, and it could jump off and hurl itself into the ditch. Or cause an accident. Or careen into someone's house (I admit that's not likely, given the setbacks around here). "All die. O, the embarrassment."

I know what it is. I've driven the trailer solo, now, but I've never hitched it. And I just can't stand the feeling of being bad at something I need to do.

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