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I sent off Palisades' SCID test this morning, before the job interview, and his DNA test was in the mail when I got home, so I'll send that out tonight before the post office closes. And I got a call from the organizer of the Mark Rashid clinic next weekend... I have a riding spot!

Which leads immediately to "Oh, shit, I've just said I'm going to ride Petit Point in front of an audience what was I *thinking*?"

And now I have to pack. And bathe her, so she'll be gray instead of green.

But all that can wait. As of today, it's been a year and a day since elflet and I got together, and he's on his way out so we can cook dinner together tonight. And if the fireplace cooperates, I think there will be a fire, since it's actually getting cool enough at night to justify it. Mmmm.

Petit Point is not pregnant, btw. We'll either try again in a week or go for a culture/cytology/uterine biopsy, depending on how flush I'm feeling. (Vet bills, sigh.)

Not keeping up with the friends page, aside from a couple of people whose journals I visit directly. No time. Must zip off for errands. Ta!

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