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Hi. <wave>

In no particular order, I have lately been:

embarrassed - I knew the vet was coming over this morning, and I still stayed up until 1am, failed to set the alarm, and (predictably) overslept.

peeved - I think the brand-new transmission in my truck has started slipping at high speeds.

awash with grief - Dora died. She was my first show cat, the little tortoiseshell martinet that made the trains run on time. Not like I didn't know it was coming, but that didn't stop me from howling, banging blindly into doorframes, etc.

delighted - I spent four days with the Cravers in Illinois talking horses, looking at horses, breeding horses, and generally soaking up horse stuff. Yummy. Fall in southern Illinois is a lovely time of year, at least if it's not soggy.

focused - spent two solid days doing my way overdue data input for the Al Khamsa Directory. Also, yesterday afternoon I did research for the article on the British Shorthair. However, that thing isn't going to get off the ground if I don't write or call some breeders, so that's on the agenda for today.

loved - between the four-day Rashid clinic and the four-day visit to the Cravers, I hadn't gotten to see much of elflet. So, when not interviewing with Google or pounding on Anita's keyboard, I was in San Jose. There's hardly anything as nice as an afternoon spent sharing a couch with someone you love and a good book. (Although I watched a lot of baseball, too.)


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