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a funny to share...

elflet and I were heading to the Saratoga farmers' market on Saturday. The radio was tuned to NPR, which was discussing the search for a writer to continue Mario Puzo's Godfather series in an effort to do a fourth movie. I think the description of the person they were looking for was "someone who is in the place in their life that Mario was when he was writing the series. Someone who has the darkly comic edge." (Unfortunately, I couldn't find the segment on NPR to quote from -- there was more.) Anyway, I remarked to elflet that Neil Gaiman would fit the bill just fine, and he broke utterly.

I suppose I would have found it funnier if I'd either read the books or seen the movies. :-)

In any case, all this sitting around in front of the keyboard means I'm getting bugger-all done, so I'm unplugging from the lifeline for a while.

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