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two outta three ain't bad, you say?

Some time ago I took apart my iBook to upgrade the hard drive and replace the broken CD drive. It was not particularly simple, but I succeeded, although I had five screws and a standoff left over, and a few minor problems. Also a major one: my battery would no longer charge.

Tonight I finally got around to opening it up to fix these problems. Now the screen sets into the case properly, and I found where I had accidentally unplugged the speaker, and I put the standoff back where it belonged. I had gotten a tip from yohannon about the battery issue, and sure enough I found a loose cable right where he said it would be, and put it back.

Sure enough, the batteries are still not charging. I am trying not to see this as a metaphor for the way my life has been going in the past year.

(Yes, Google turned me down and I am cranky.)

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