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Got together with tamago today and we had a lovely time dishing ("Ever noticed how much our social lives resemble a visit to a zoo?"), looking at pretty rocks, shopping, making things with pretty rocks, pausing to create dinner, and finishing up more work with pretty rocks.

Tomorrow we are going to go get more pieces to go with the pretty rocks. In a way this is a last hurrah of unemployment, as I embark upon an exciting career in the field of airport security screening on Sunday. I expect to be amused, and very, very patient, and to be able to pay the bills if I am frugal. I am continuing to hunt for employment that will not require me to be quite so frugal (most recently I interviewed with murdoch, to our mutual vast amusement), but having this will keep me from tearing all my hair out (I like my hair) or going completely tharn.

In the meanwhile, there are pretty rocks. I am grateful to see my creative urge resurface so completely.

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