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I'm surprised I haven't done this before

A link to Ambar's resume.

(Google is indexing my publicly available journal. I haven't decided how I feel about that, but until I do, I might as well make use of it. :-)

Right now I am flicking on sending a job-related note off. Had yesterday off, and I feel considerably more mellow about practically everything in consequence. elflet and I performed some furniture-moving and Ikea-visiting, which moved me to ask: if Ikea is so full of lovely organizational gadgets, why does every visit lead to the house being further torn apart? :-)

It was only temporary. Now he has two bookshelves in his kitchen instead of one, and there are no more perilous stacks of cookbooks on the floor. Also the transformation of the office is ongoing; old desk out, new desk in, and new filing cabinet in also.

I wanted to get home yesterday, and I didn't. But it was delightful just to spend non-pressured time with him, laughing, talking, ogling the dream kitchens, building furniture, whatever.

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