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And the screaming sky won't let me sleep

I know all the cool kids started doing this years ago, but the new iBook means that I am happily engaged in ripping my entire CD collection onto its hard drive. Shuffle play across (what will eventually be) ~5 gigs of data. My ears are very happy.

Must. Stay. Awake. (This week's work schedule is 2pm-midnight, at American CTX #3, in the lobby between the American and United counters.)

Took Capucine to Once Over Farm in Morgan Hill last Friday, so that she can be monitored better than I could do with her at home right now. On Saturday, when I arrived to grain her before going to work, Anita greeted me with "Does every animal you own have to be a cat?" Seems that Capucine, turned out with a half-dozen other Al Khamsa horses, chose to hang out in the far corner of the pasture from everyone else, even when the hay was put out. Anita took pity on her, haltered her, and led her up to a hay pile. Where Capucine ate happily, and without taking apparent notice of the other horses (who have declined to tangle with her). So when Anita figured Capucine was settled in, she took off the halter. *Zoom* went the horse, back to her chosen hangout spot.

Anita duly delivered two flakes of grass hay to said spot. "... Anything that can train everything around it into doing things its way, is a cat."

What, me argue?

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