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what's so strange about a downhome family romance?

Yesterday I embarked on the job of unloading the truck. (It accumulates all manner of Ambar's "stuff" while I'm at elflet's.) One of the things I carried in was the portable altar.

Now, the house is generally dusty, neglected, and Not Up To Snuff[tm]. But I cleaned out the basket that is the altar (removing cookie crumbs and toyon berries), and then dusted the ~2ft sq patch of counter where it lives when I'm home. I watered the narcissus that I am forcing there, and lit the candles, and added the scented one I made at apprenticeship last week. I even plugged in the diffuser and added a drop of lemon oil.

Suddenly the house was bright and cheerful. It made me smile.

What made you smile, lately?

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