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I tell everyone a different story; that way nothing's ever boring

I have come to an entirely new appreciation of the story of Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables. yohannon is a great person to have on your side for tasks like these. Admittedly, we did not divert a river, rivers being in short supply on hilltops like mine. He made do with buckets of water, while I first scrubbed eight litterbox hoods, and then twenty litterboxes, and then I alternated paying bills and peeking into the cattery in amazement.

He cheats, I must say. ("I can't keep up with you," I said, mildly distressed. "Well," he said, "I didn't take my ADHD meds." *giggle*)

The cattery floor has been FOUND again. I shall, when I return, break out a library book I've been saving, and sit down on the freshly de-icked couch and see how many obese cats can fit into my lap at once.

Tired, but happy. Thanks, babe.

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