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taking it in no particular order

The house refinance estimate came in. I can either reduce my payments a measlely $100/month, or I can get out the money I need to nail credit card debts and this years taxes (and hopefully various other personal obligations, but that depends on how bad taxes are) -- and raise my payments $10/month. Aigh.

My refrigerator broke. The freezer freezes, but the refrigerator does not refrigerate. For someone who is living almost entirely on fresh foods, this is fairly catastrophic. I have exactly $500 of credit/overdraft left until next payday (7 March), at which point I must decide whether to go $200 more into that particular hole to pay the mortgage and ignore ALL bills until the payday of the 21st, or do the reverse, and make the mortgage late(er, it's due on the 1st). Aigh.

I was half-way to the dump today when I noticed the truck was handling funny. Very funny. Funny as in ha ha your right rear tire's flat funny. I limped it to a gas station, where I started to change it, and happily accepted assistance when offered. (Those lug nuts were on TIGHT.)

Then drove into Stockton hoping to pick up a refrigerator at the refurb appliance place. Unfortunately, the only thing they had that I could stand to have in my kitchen for more than 10 minutes was entirely outside my budget. No fridge for Ambar.

At least I did succeed in having the flat fixed and put back on my truck.

Then I zoomed home because a potential housemate type was going to be here at 7pm and the house, while not quite deserving of being called a wreck, was in dire need of attention. I swept out and cleaned up under the carport, then changed out all of the cat boxes, vacuumed all of the house but the cattery (ran out of time), cleaned the mirror in the bathroom (badly in need), cleared out all of Ambar's Stuff from the long bar in the kitchen and the dining room table, and spot-cleaned the floor in the spare bedroom (badly, I say, badly overdue).

Now, I am tired. At least I'm understandably tired.

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