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February 27th, 2003
10:42 pm


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No, no, my freezer is not freezing either. It's lost 5 degrees in the last 6 hours. Damnit.

While determining this fact, I managed to dump one of my 7 tubs of freshly cooked, quite tasty chili onto the floor, upside down. If I were in the right frame of mind, this would be a perfect excuse for a massive crying jag.

Since I am apparently not in the right frame of mind, I am clinging tightly to my mug of tea. Apart from the obvious comfort aspects, if it gets dumped into my new iBook keyboard I am liable to slit my wrists first and think later.

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Dire Straits, Communique, "Single Handed Sailor"

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