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one divine hammer

Celtic cross layout, Cosmic Tribe deck (kindly provided, along with commentary, by elflet)

Signifier: Princess of Disks: "Defender". "That person in your life or aspect of yourself learning to go slowly and deliberately on a quest for home and beauty."

Challenge: 8 of Swords: "Indecision". Oh, Goddess, yes. No new news here.

Behind me: Ace of Wands: "Epiphany". "Take life's challenge and walk on fire." I think of this card as the beginning of the fire/passion/energy/power suit, the incarnation thereof. So, raw power.

Below me: 9 of Cups: "Joy". Yep, also true.

Before me: 3 of Disks: "Productivity". Oh, the irony.

Above me: 2 of Wands: "Stability crossed with Dynamism". The story of my life, as I remarked to elflet.

How I see myself: Lovers. *chortle*

How others see me: 5 of Disks: "Worry". Well, that's also not a candidate for an NYT headline.

How I experience obstacles: Lovers. (This deck has 3 lovers cards on it: M-M, F-F, and M-F. We play with all three in. :-)

Outcome of my efforts: the Chariot. Motion, detachment, dynamism.

elflet summarized it as "All dressed up and no place to be productive." I just feel that something will break soon. Might be me, might not be, but something's going to snap.

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