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I love to do what I love to do

(this excludes anything that I don't like to do, don't like to do, don't like don't like -- "Mein Bitte", The Speckless Sky, Jane Siberry)

I've always loved that song, particularly in moods like the one that has dogged me for the past couple of days -- what I call the "don't wannas" which seem close kin, if not identical, to rosefox's "fuckits".

I need to write up my report of the JamSpam meeting for Kee. Don't wanna. I direly need to sort out the current state of my finances, in part so I can bill Kee appropriately, and in part so I can embark upon elflet's and my annual pilgrimage to Minneapolis without being worried every time I pull out my wallet. Don't wanna. Need to go to bed at a sane hour so that we can make a 6am flight out of SFO. Need I say...?

But boy, I can flick with the best of 'em.

Does anyone else turn into a petulant two-year-old when the moon is full?

Last Thursday, when I actually was feeling motivated, I succeeded in pulling myself and all the necessary papers together, so my house is in the process of being refinanced. The loan officer was remarkably encouraging (I thought), said it should all be no problem and there was no need to report me as self-employed given the amount of assets I was showing. (IRAs count? Hey, whatever.) I also, and possibly more importantly, had the conversation with the accountant who is going to do my 2002 taxes (actually, his office manager, but who's counting?), since they need just about the same collection of paperwork, and I have it all pulled together now. I just need to find a sufficiently large envelope and visit the post awful.

Last Monday, the 10th, I set out to register for 3 courses at Foothill, the purpose of this lot being to work towards applying to vet school. (Have I mentioned this ambition here? I don't think so.) I only got to register for the (least important) Java class, there being "unsatisfied prereqs" for Stats and Chemistry. I got the Stats problem sorted out by telephone, but it took until Tuesday (and a personal meeting with the division dean and so on) to get me into the Chemistry class I need.

All of which is settled now, except I am looking at my book list and wondering how the hell $150 worth of classes can require $250+ of books. Pfeh. is my friend, however.

I have also succeeded in jiggering my schedule at work so that this can actually happen. Starting the 22nd of March, I'm working 1600-0030 with Sunday & Monday off. The Chem class meets (approximately) noon-2:30pm MTWTr, so I am covered, *and* I have Sundays to be home and cope with livestock. The other two classes are purely online.

What the state of my sanity will be after a quarter with a full-time job, a full courseload, and only one day at home per week will be is probably best not speculated on.

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