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sitting naked in the timeless now

Last night: lovely dinner with Jonathan and elflet. Too tired to drive home, but energetic enough to stay up until 4AM reading Harry Potter slash. (Sometimes amusing, but not the best slash I've ever read. I find particularly grating the invention of using "merlin" as a substitute for "god" in casual swearing... and then using it inconsistently. Yuck.)

Stressy and bare-nerved over the collapse/change of my schedule and not being home. Cranky.

This morning: the realization that if I was going to spend a day off in the Bay Area, I was going to see my filly.

She is shedding out around her eyes and mouth. Nothing remarkable, right on schedule -- except for the color. She's shedding out WALNUT BROWN. Yes, her sire is almost that dark, but geeze. Particularly around her eyes, she looks like an eight-year-old who got into the makeup kit. Dark brown rings, with the lighter orange hair still inside, right next to the eyes. It's totally comical.

Every time I go, she is more curious about me and more willing to interact, which makes me feel like I am doing something right. I am the best toy in the pasture! I had her chasing me (at a walk) all around Capucine out of sheer nosiness. I got to handle her poll, nostrils, and mouth today (these have been off limits in the past). Anything behind her withers is still off limits, but she is improving so much. I don't feel like a trainer or a teacher here, because I have no agenda other than "Let's see." Let's see what she'll offer today, let's see what she'll accept, let's see how I can reward her for sticking around and tolerating my handling.

However, this is not "Permissive Foal-Raising 101". After quite a while of this, she decided that she really wanted to get her teeth on me. Yes, she's a baby, and babies put their mouths on everything... doubly so with horses, since they use their upper lips much as we use hands.

Anyway, when she got over the line, I slapped her on the shoulder. She leapt backwards in surprise, slipped, and went down on her side, then got up and left. Capucine left with her, and they went to the other side of the pasture, where Recap got in some nursing. I waited. Eventually, Recap worked her way back, and checked me out, much less pushily. She got some good rewards, some scratching on the itchy places, and reassurance that I hadn't suddenly turned into a foal-eating monster. Then I headed out, since that was a long enough session for right then.

For her, it was a good exercise on interacting with people. For me, it was a good exercise in staying present and focused on what is happening Right Now.

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