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Then I'll defy the laws of nature and come out alive

Yeah, I'm still here. I still have powerful writing impulses, but these are invariably when I am at work and bored out of my skull, but laptopless.

Many Very Good Things have happened. Among other things, I get to buzz off to Missouri for Witchcamp (scheduling simply Will Not Permit me to do the one in Mendocino) in (eek!) a week, and see the Cravers on the tail end of the trip. Getting the vacation approved was a crucial thing, since the general buzz is that terminal 3 management were saying 'No' to everyone and everything, including people whose kids were graduating from college. But I got mine. Go figure.

I am sorry to be going without elflet -- I think sharing camp with him last year was a big part of why it was so marvelous. But he will go to Mendocino, and I will go to Missouri, and next year we can go together again. (Maybe to England. Now that would be a trip.)

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