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every one of those words rang true and glowed like burning coal

Trying the writing an entry from work thing again. I'd forgotten how nifty the folding keyboard for my Palm Vx is. Unfortunately, the Vx itself may be on its last legs -- its battery behaves oddly, as though it's only charging partially when it's in its cradle. Rather than using it as a mini game machine all shift and still having plenty of battery left, I have to play close attention and husband what's there. A replacement is probably in my near future. :-(

Glee! Glee! Glee and bouncing! I have been pinging all my vet acquaintances (and being mightily astonished meanwhile at just how many vets I know; apparently all the time I have spent at veterinary hospitals over the last fifteen years is coming back to me with interest) about advice for getting into vet school.

More than the advice (which has been good), I am intrigued by the fact that every time I have one of these conversations, I am in the clouds afterwards. It's a total contrast to my response to, say, my half-hearted projects to teach myself PHP or Java. Did I say half-hearted? Also uninspired, procrastinatory, and bored. I make a note of this to remind myself that I am in fact doing the right thing, and not merely talking crazy talk about going back to school at my oh-so-advanced age. I mean, I just got off the phone with the mighty Dr. Jane, and I want to dance. Doing so in my spiffy TSA uniform, in front of the passengers, would probably provoke the wrong sort of talk.

Speaking of procrastination. I've been using Life Balance to manage my to-do list for the last month or so. It totally rocks. However, I noticed that there was a small group of items that I was not merely not doing, but fleeing in horror whenever I noticed them. This didn't suit. After casting about a bit, I decided to try this:

  1. Make a list of these items on the Palm. (I could have assigned them to their own context in LB, but that felt more like hiding them from my tender eyes, which is not what I had in mind.)
  2. Set up a 15-minute appointment every morning. To elflet's deep amusement, it is tagged "Eat that frog!" (First thing in the morning, and nothing worse can happen to you the rest of the day... There's actually a book with this title, although I have not read it.)
  3. Work for 15 minutes per day on any one thing from the list. Observed: I can perform the most amazing mental contortions to avoid just doing these things! Thursday was particularly bad -- I sweated, bled, growled, left the computer to whine at elflet, returned and repeated the whole sequence at least twice. OTOH, I got the item DONE. The process is working. I don't fuck with what's working.

What's working in your life?

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