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three solid blows to the head - Ambar — LiveJournal
June 21st, 2003
12:55 am


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three solid blows to the head
Re-entry from witchcamp to mundane life this year has been much more difficult than last year. elflet reminds me that my life is more complicated this year, and he's right. I'm just having a bitch of a time keeping my perspective. I -- look.

Monday, see the dentist for fillings, take my Stats final. Work. (All Bay Area.)
Tuesday, cat to vet (in Stockton), job interview (in Emeryville).
Wednesday, Palisades to vet for semen collection and freezing (Oakdale), Chemistry final. (Los Altos)
Thursday, see the periodontist. Work. (All Bay Area)

Somewhere inbetween I need to make progress on halter breaking Recap, figure out just what the heck my neighbor is DOING with our boundary fence, prepare for the aforementioned interview, and get my Chemistry lab notebook in shape to hand in on Monday. Why? Because the week after, summer quarter begins and I spend 4 hours every morning in the Chemistry lab.

Maybe just firing my social secretary would help.

Current Mood: overwhelmed
Current Music: "City", Gold Afternoon Fix, The Church

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