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Put the Chemistry class to bed today, so now I can write again!

Am contemplating what classes to take for fall (and where). Now, the sensible voice is pointing out that taking one lab class in double-time kicked my ass (especially so with not being able to stay home over my Tuesday-Wednesday "weekend"), and therefore the smart thing to do would be to take ONE lab class fall quarter (or semester, depending where I go).

However, the adrenaline junkie really, really wants to get the prereqs over so that I can get to the fun stuff. If I take two classes per quarter this coming year, then I'll be done with all the prereqs at the end -- and my friends will likely be done with me -- then I can spend next year fussing over the four upper-level courses I need. IOW, in the sanest possible reading, I am proposing to take both the first class in the bio major sequence, and the first organic chem class, at DeAnza, in the mornings (7:30am lab lecture, woo!). NB: I am supposed to have taken the 3rd class in the general chem sequence before organic, but assuming current schedule holds there is NO such class at any community college within reach of sanity that suits the schedule this fall. None.

*gibber* *gibber*

(Also, my Chem 1B prof assures me I can manage o-chem just fine without 1C. He understands my insanity.)

In other news, I gave birth to a bouncing baby 1.5hp well pump this afternoon, and boy did that hurt (my checkbook). But there is allegedly water at my house again. Must test this.

Plus the jewelry-making madness has struck again. I blame caredhel.

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