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I loved you once, don't love you any more

Capucine and Recap made it home without incident. Watching them interact with Petit Point was amusing. I then staggered up the hill, noodled on the computer for an hour, then gave in and slept for two. *zorch*

elflet called around 6pm, offering to come out and run me baywards tomorrow to reunite with my car. Sweetie. I accepted -- he's asleep in my bed right now.

Between a job interview Tuesday, succumbing to the lure of beading with caredhel, and moving the mares today, I haven't got done nearly what I wanted this "weekend". And, aigh, school starts the 20th.* At least the laundry is done and folded. I shall cope, as always.

*What I forgot to fold into my school plans was the problem of being at the back of the bus, in terms of registration priority, for any new school I registered at. And of the two courses at DeAnza I was mentally juggling, one is full and the other is half-full, and I won't get to register until 9 September. So I spent a lot of time at and wound up registering for the first of a two-semester Biology series at Cañada. Semester system. *sigh* Better than nothing, and if the heavens open and my work schedule normalizes, it will all have to be rejiggered anyway. The other argument against taking two classes is that I need to start volunteering at a vet clinic, in order to garner the necessary number of hours of experience.

So to bed.

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