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New job: yes. In Benicia, herding a few Alphas for a non-technical company. Three-month temp to perm. I start Friday. It will suffice.

Miles driven today: 340 or so. (elflet's to my place to Emeryville to sign an offer letter to Pittsburg for school to my place.) (This is for spenceraloysius. :-)

Car: not unloaded. (Haul of textbooks, plus a bookcase to replace the one that disintegrated a couple months ago.)

House: mildly grubby, not bad, but I have visitors tomorrow to look at horses.

Biggest surprise of the week: packing up and leaving elflet's, which I have done every week since I started working at the airport, felt like death or exile or breaking up. We both wailed. Two years we've been together, and I've gotten awfully used to having him around. Today, two days down the road, it also feels like moving back into my house, which is a very good feeling indeed. I can live here? I can groom horses every day if I want?

Second biggest surprise of the week: despite the handicap of registering on the first day of classes, I got both the bio and the chem class I wanted.

I think it was two weeks ago now that I called Molly up and said "I am .done. with the airport." And I was, thoroughly done. And soon I will be. (I haven't told .them. about it yet, for example. And they probably want my badge and my uniforms back.)

Am propping myself up with my elbows while typing, a bad habit that does nothing for my back or my shoulders.

Should go to bed. Much to do in the morning.

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