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home at last - Ambar
September 5th, 2003
09:51 pm


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home at last
Left work at 3:55pm. Got home (stopping for gas and to check my PO Box) at 6:15. Not bad. Since I still had all kinds of daylight left, I zipped through all the cat care chores so I won't have to worry about them tomorrow. Litter boxes scrubbed! I rule!

Organizationally, have come up with a method of listing what I've done (for the weekly status meeting) that works off the system I've built, and that pleases me. I am still poking at the lack of a smooth and easy tickler system, and read a suggestion today that I think may fill that need. Will have to toy with the idea for a few days before I try to implement it.

Yesterday was madly frustrating because I was calling people to follow up with things they were supposed to hand back off to me, and to a person they were nonresponsive. I finally worked myself up so much that I took a break by going outside and chatting with elflet. Today, two of them called me back, one actually answered the phone when I called, and two are still stuck. Better. Of course, one of the stuck ones is in the flow of getting Recap registered, but I am not going to start venting about that here and now, or I won't stop. (Or at least I will get to bed very late.)

Also, the Windows machine given to me as a desktop machine became possessed by devils and started running like a turtle trying to catch next week's bus. Got more memory added and uninstalled the X server software I am supposed to be using (went back to the trial version of a different product that I haven't paid for, but works like a charm) and I am tentatively declaring the problem to be solved. Life Balance still pegs the CPU whenever I start it up, or save a file, but it's Windows, whaddya want, world peace?

It's good to be home with a feeling of accomplishment and daylight to spare. So I will go to bed now, for tomorrow at 8:30am the farrier will be coming and it'll be horse catching time.

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Current Music: "Home At Last", Steely Dan, Aja

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Date:September 10th, 2003 01:55 pm (UTC)

wow! ambar!

It's funny to read your post; it sounds like we ended up in similar places in our lives. I'm living on a one-acre farm in Idaho -- no horses yet, but someday -- and I also do lots of cooking and crockpots and I just started my master's in public administration at Boise State.

This LiveJournal thing is pretty darn cool. :-)
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