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and you're actin' like I'm downshiftin'

Note to self: do not post a meme which requires significant response when you're supposed to be studying for your first Biology midterm.

Was supposed to be in Portland this weekend, but the event was cancelled. :-( The better for my studying, I suppose, but I did precious little of that today -- it has been housework slogging from end to end. I was supposed to take Angel in to the vet today to have more blood drawn -- an error on their part, or their lab's, I'm not sure, but they didn't get a valid CBC -- and failed to remember that they closed at 2pm on Saturdays. That sort of thing, plus cooking and laundry and getting the car washed.

Mostly it's the frustrating feeling that no matter what I'm doing, there are a dozen things of equal priority being ignored. I hate that, it's a no-win game.

I'd be in bed by now but there's a beef roast with onions in the oven that wants another 40 minutes or so. There is a Roomba tooling around vacuuming the room, and while I am hesitant to admit my yielding to an obvious bit of yuppie gadetry, I have to admit it amuses me no end. Having found my copy of Heinlein's The Door Into Summer, I should schedule a memorial re-reading.

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