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It's Friday night, and here I am, stuck in the machine room again

... and without dinner. I don't have keys to this building, so I don't dare try to leave, get food and come back. I badly want this system patched and up so that we can start the data copies to our spankin' new EMC, let them run all weekend over the 10mb straw holding this machine onto the network, and then attach the pair of 4100s (much bigger. Much) that should arrive Monday, and use them to finish the job if necessary (and it probably will be).

So why am I here, if there will be faster machines on the case come Monday afternoon? Because I said we could do this copy over the weekend, and I'm just stubborn enough to make it happen. I suppose being a contractor (who billed a slightly scanty last two weeks today) doesn't hurt. Nonetheless, I am cold, hungry, headachy (low blood sugar is not my friend), and waiting for an intolerably slow machine to finish digesting a monstrously large patch kit so that I can get the EMC's filesystems mounted on it and GO AWAY.

Yesterday I clubbed my first Biology test into the ground in my usual style. (I am the annoying person who always finishes tests a half hour before anyone else.) To celebrate, I called elflet, who suggested Watercourse Way, which sounded like the best proposition I'd had in a long time. So we did, and that was lovely.

This weekend is Folsom Street Fair, which also means it is our anniversary, and I have Plans. *beam*

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