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Oof. Da.

Woman of steel. Brain of jello.

Spent three days at a Mark Rashid clinic with Palisades, wherein I learned valuable things, like Palisades only acts like Lord King Breeding Stallion when I am handling him. (Equally valuable, I learned what to do about it.)

Mark's clinics are some of the hardest and most useful work I do in a year. Almost anywhere else I go, the impulse to clean things up for public display is in operation to some extent. Even if it's something I don't know how to do very well, you'll rarely catch me admitting it. A clinic with Mark, though, is much like stepping into center stage and announcing, "Okay, here's a problem I've made and I don't know how to undo it. How am I fucking up?" And, with vast kindness and patience, Mark will show me how.

That doesn't mean I like it all that much, but I keep going back. (I'm even contemplating doing one of his week-long intensives in Colorado next summer. How am I going to fit that in with Witchcamp? I have no idea.)

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of this (Tuesday night, in fact) I had my first bio lab practical, so on top of taking three days off work (no pay) and driving back and forth with Palisades, I had to run off and pay attention to school work. This coming weekend will be more of the same, as having skipped Chem all this week I have a test on Monday, and a lot of homework to do between now and then.

Started stringing the poppy jasper and stick pearls with little gold separators, and it looks like I envisioned it would, but it's not quite there yet. More texture is required, and I'm not sure what it wants.

Tired now. Should eat dinner and fall over.

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