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workin' in a coal mine, goin' down down

Well, today was not actually a system administrator's hell-day, because if it were, I would still be working and not have time to write an entry. But my manager was out sick, so I got to leap to the helm of the recabling project, and handle the electrician's walk-through, and a disk went out on the development system, which by its poorly implemented single-point-of-failure nature means that both the development database instances have burned to the ground and must be re-instantiated, which requires downtime on the production database instance. The electric and recabling projects meant I got to walk the entire building (including the huge-ass warehouse) 2-3 times over.

As I told my manager, it was an excellent day to stay home. Looking on the bright side, I definitely got my walking in. On the not-so-bright side, I was mainlining M&Ms right along with the lead developer, who spent the day dead in the water (on a tight deadline)

Will be late to Chemistry even if I leave now. Contemplating skipping Chemistry entirely and a) brushing Capucine in Davis, b) studying for tomorrow's Biology test (in Davis, Benicia, Stockton, or at home), c) brushing horses at home.

Need sanity. Kinda short today.

[Edit: Did I mention that cesium -- my main mail machine -- has been seizing left and right over the last few days? sierra_nevada suspects a bad spot on a disk. I keep meaning to configure MX support for my personal domains over at, except it only leaps to the top of the priority list when cesium is down. cesium, naturally, is the primary DNS server for my personal domains. Even if I did have that act together,, where the vast majority of my email is directed, is still going to go through cesium, and thus hold in mail queues 'round the world until it's back up. C'est la guerre.]

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