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Lately school is feeling like an enormous drain. I reminded myself, yesterday, that I really wasn't signing up to do school for the rest of my life -- this is just the obstacle in the way of what I want to do with my life. Which felt better, because although I have a reasonable grip in Biology, I'm suffering from the usual consequences of boredom w/r/t Chemistry.

The saga of the camper on the truck continues unabated. Mounts in place, the truck and I went off to Concord to pick up the camper I bought, oh, two months ago -- to find it was 3 inches wider than the bed. No go. The search continues.

My homework for this week (from Molly) is to be measurably kind to myself. Which got me thinking on the way home. When are you, gentle reader, kind to yourself? What does being kind to yourself look like? Do you cast it in terms of kindness, or of greed, or of lack of self-discipline, or something else?

The first thing I have done for this project is make an appointment for Angel-cat with my old vet in Los Altos. I am coming to uncomfortable conclusions about the vets I use in Stockton; Angel is no better for a month's worth of antibiotics, and we're neither of us very happy.

Finally -- cyranocyrano, what are you doing hanging out in Bernal Heights these days?

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