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goddamn Yahoo spammers - Ambar — LiveJournal
November 24th, 2003
07:50 am


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goddamn Yahoo spammers
I am an assistant moderator (the only active one -- long story) to a mid-sized Yahoo list. Over the last couple months, various sex sites have perfected some script-based idiocy that apparently auto-creates Yahoo IDs and subscribes them to Yahoogroups lists so they can spam those lists.

There are a couple of variants. One subscribes to the list but sets the no-mail flag, and then posts random sex ads, once a day for a couple of days, then starts over with a new account (From the behavior of at least one list I'm on which has *no* active moderator/list owner, they assume they've been banned after a couple of days, whether it's true or not.) The other subscribes to the list and actually lets the messages get delivered, then posts a generic pointer to "my new pictures" on a Geocities/Yahoo web site (which I am told, but haven't verified for myself, will attempt to install spyware on your Windows box when visited).

Okayfine. I've taken to automatically setting all new members to the list to moderated status; the first time they post anything apropos to the list, I set them back to freely-posting. (If I were the list owner, I could automate this to at least some degree, but I'm not, and the actual list owner's address was disabled by Yahoo ages ago, and she hasn't been bulldoggy enough with them to get it turned back on. But I digress.)

TODAY I get a new wrinkle: new list member, receives mail... but spams the ad back in an auto-responder. If I remove them from the list, they can just resubscribe. If I moderate them and set them nomail, they can just change the nomail setting back.

I am so ready to nuke 'em all. Even if I had enough Advil in my bloodstream -- which I don't -- I'm ready. Bring on the orbital lasers.

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Date:November 24th, 2003 08:30 am (UTC)
I was watching one of the Terminator films recently, and it struck me as charmingly naive in its notion that the war between humans and machines would begin when military networks got self-aware. The actual robot holocaust will begin after the spambots have evolved through several more generations and then spontaneously start evolving themselves. The sky will be blackened, not just to blot out the sun, but to provide a backdrop to project giant pop-up banners miles wide across the horizon; the survivors will be herded into vast factory prisons, where the remnants of the human race are forced to click on things without respite for nourishment (liquid spam will be automatically pumped in through permanently-implanted gastro-tubes) or rest.

I fear the horror has only just begun.
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Date:November 24th, 2003 09:15 am (UTC)
Y'know what I love about you? It's your calm acceptance of the horrors about to descend.
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Date:November 24th, 2003 11:41 am (UTC)
Maybe it is time for all people to stop using Yahoo!
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Date:November 24th, 2003 01:40 pm (UTC)
I would GLADLY hand you the controls to an orbital laser. Unfortunately, it is not even within my limited power at this moment to beam you some extra Advil.

Hope the M&Ms aren't looking good yet.
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Date:November 24th, 2003 02:18 pm (UTC)

Spam Rage -- The Rational Response

Well, I suppose y'all have already heard of This Case, wherein a man has actually been brought up on charges that can be succinctly described as "Spam Rage". I hope he get a jury of at least ONE sys-admin or tech saavy person who can have the charges nullified... no one should EVER have to be subjected to some of the "techniques" that some of these assholes are using to induce you to enlarge one's penis, breasts, or to acquire remote control mini-cars.

The only solution is to moderate all memberships. The only Yahoo groups I've found with any content left at all are set up in that manner, sad to say. Some have gone as far as to moderate each and every post (I have mod status in a couple of groups like that) to prevent these fucks from operating.

Anyway, thanks for giving me the first opportunity to use my "pissed off" user icon. It's not as hot as yours is, but it does the job. :P



(who also misses you muchly...)
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Date:November 26th, 2003 12:50 am (UTC)

Re: Spam Rage -- The Rational Response

All I have to say is:

"Mackay said such companies gave a bad name to the penis enhancement business."

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