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I need perspective

Have been living with a lot of fear, lately. I am visualizing it as small barking creatures; they can make a lot of noise but they can't actually stop me doing anything. Which is just as well, as oh, I have a lot to do. But the sound level is distressing.

Useful conversation with Molly today, about how I tend to overschedule myself, and how downtime really is a necessity, not something that I get to have only when everything else is done (and it is never done, not ever.) My homework here is to work out what I've committed to do (done, pretty much), and how much time it actually takes (aieeeee!)

So, Bio final done, and Bio paper going in tomorrow come hell or high water (it's late), and Chem final rescheduled to next Monday, which means I had better spend a lot of the weekend studying, but some of my weekend is scheduled to be spent at work. Alas.

For today I get a gold star for walking my overdue 2002 taxes to a preparer and not going spla when she gave me the news. And that's about all I can handle for today. Maybe tomorrow I will do a month's worth of overdue invoices, so I can have some income in December.

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