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There's an ongoing flamefest on one of the Doberman lists, with some newbie who's decided that defending one of the big commercial breeders is what she most wants to do in life, and all the show breeders who actually spend time and money on health testing jumping her ass.

No one is going to budge positions at this point. No one is going to be educated; they've all picked positions and will hold on with teeth and toenails. It's the same petty crap I hated on Fanciers, all over again.

I had a pleasant phone conversation with another Turkish Angora breeder tonight, one I've never been particularly close to, but we're on civil terms and there are maybe four of us breeding TAs on the west coast now. She would like to breed to one of my males. We got on the subject of why I wasn't doing much with the cats any more, and I told her straight up that the armed-camp atmosphere among TA breeders was one of the things I hate about the cat fancy. You don't like my cats or what I do with them, fine. But don't go telling me what I "have" to do in order to work with you because someone ELSE won't speak to you/buy cats from you/say nice things about you to judges if you don't. Make your own goddamn decisions and live by them, up front and in public.

Not that the lady I was talking to has done any of this to me -- she and Debbie dislike each other from way back, but I gave up "you're not my friend because my friend doesn't like you" back in grade school. Got into too many fights that way.

But I have had arrangements to lease cats or whatnot go awry because half-way through making the shipping arrangements I was suddenly informed of another half-dozen new conditions on the deal because some gossip was going around that deeply concerned the other person. To which I say pish and tosh. If someone else's loose tongue can get you that upset, stay home and take up knitting.

This has been an unscheduled rant.

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