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mousey mousey mousey mousey, NUUUTS, NUUUTS

Well, I don't know quite what connected me today (maybe it was the long and patient session of grounding & meditation while in the car driving to work this morning), but I called to clear up a detail about my bank account that has been annoying me for just months, and they just did it (and promised to fix a second issue, not that I need another line of credit. I'll probably close the first when the paperwork arrives.)

And then I completed my weekly review at work for the first time in weeks and weeks. Am torn between leaving early to do homework somewhere enjoyable as a reward, and the fact that I have just (effectively) arranged a one-quarter pay cut for myself, and that I "should" really soak up all the hours I can.

The mystery mice in the office struck the drawer in which I store M&Ms (for everyone else in the office) and nuts (for me). Found holes in the bag of M&Ms and the bag of macadamia nuts; the pecans and the Emperor's Choice tea were unaffected. Interestingly, they didn't do any *eating* in that drawer; for that, they took their booty up a floor, to the shallower drawer where I keep rulers and pencils and such, which now smells like mouse piss. Time to figure out a better storage system, I guess. Sheesh, when I started at this place, the ants were invading my car bigtime if *any* particle of food could be found in it. I guess rubbermaid tubs are next.

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