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wild horses dragging me onward

I haven't been writing very much because the weekend was, um. Such a shining circle of restoration that it proved rather a bottleneck in the word flow. ;-) I'll try, but don't hold your breath.

Life insists on proceeding forward at the same breakneck pace as ever. Capucine may possibly be picked up by the hauler as early as today (and lame-o that I am, I haven't mailed the hauler's check yet. Oof!) Sable's new obedience class started last night, and she was markedly better with all the strange dogs. The assistant trainer asked if I was planning to do CD work with her -- a compliment. The farrier came out to do the horses yesterday, and everyone behaved much better than the first time, which I attribute to the extra handling they've been getting. I should keep that up.

I must also schedule in extra time to practice with Sable. We've never really done formal practices since the first week of the first obedience class. Most of what we were learning then (attention, sit, down, stay, come) does get practiced either in the flow of life together, or in the twice-daily potty breaks, but heeling is a big exception to that, and we definitely need to clean that up. I took her with me into Home Depot yesterday (needed to buy 30' of rope for her long line), and she was really quite good overall, but I was correcting her for forging and generally moving out of position much more than I liked. My bad for not doing the serious practice when we were still back in the food and luring stage -- she loved that, and it showed in her attitude. Now, heeling for her is something like "blah, but at least we get to move".

Now that I have her photos and have succeeded in printing out her ILP application, I need to sit down and send it in. Which means deciding on a "registered" name. Gotta call the trailer people and ask for status -- they've had it for a week, now. Gotta get the truck worked on, too. I should get back on schedule at the gym, too. Too many "shoulds" in this entry.

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