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not going to the cat show after all

Wendy has a few too many mats for me to remove all in one go and keep her happy, so I'm punting. Note to self: next time, show bathe the cat you're contemplating showing before you send in the entry. Removed at least two kittens worth of hair from her, and the job is not nearly done.

Had to take the mares in today for dental work, and Capucine was ultrasounded again. Not pregnant. Damnit. I now have a scrip for a very expensive oral progesterone* which has to be dosed daily for 100 days, starting after the next breeding. Argh. Not sure this is going to fly with the current schedule. Did have a lovely peaceful 10 minutes with the mares, while the sedation was wearing off, picking all the burrs out of their forelocks and manes.

*I meant to look up this molecule and see if it's a simple one I can build with my model kit, or if it's some godawful giant thing. Haven't done that yet.

[Edit: well, not huge, but too big for one kit: C21 H30 O2.]

Enjoying o-chem all out of proportion to reason and good sense. This is probably due, at least in part, to the amazingly slow pacing. We're two weeks in and we're still reviewing matters introduced in general chem (hybridization and molecule shapes).

Enjoying yoga, too, even though it's kicking my ass.

Called elflet today, feeling weepy and overwhelmed and generally hormonal. He asked what I wanted, and I said, "An emotional crutch that doesn't involve putting things into my mouth." He thought for a moment. "Well, I don't have a case of crockery for you to throw--"

I started giggling, which was exactly what I needed, and reminded him about the case of crockery I have, from the last time we threw a big dinner party. It's safe, though. Now that I'm not stressing about cat grooming, I'm actually looking forward to the weekend. (First chore: excavate all the clean laundry from my bed.)

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