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I love a rainy night

Recently a friend wrote (on a public mailing list):

Is it just me, or is riding in the snow (at least if one is used to and prepared for it) a lot more pleasant than dealing with horses in the kind of Nor Cal weather we're currently enjoying?

To which I responded:
Riding in the snow is probably preferable to mucking out in any kind of weather, but I suspect you have forgotten to include breaking ice out of buckets in your calculations. I have not, and will take the 55F rain with brisk winds and associated mud.

I share this with you mostly to say that a) I'm still alive, b) I have just registered for a f*ckload of courses for next quarter ("Well, I can drop this ...") and c) am quite happy. "Wild nights are my glory," and I am thusly clinging fiercely to the tail end of the winter rainstorms. We even got thunder, which doesn't happen much around here.

Recently decluttered a G3 (beige) tower with associated monitor and scanner, and now all my computer equipment a) actually fits on one table, and b) is used regularly. Space, how I love it.

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